Bentley Speed Week

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Speed Week Comes to H.R. Owen Bentley
11th – 24th March, 2013: Pangbourne and Cheltenham

The Bonneville Salt Flats – scene of many a land speed record – has a Speed Week. So does Nassau. Why not Pangbourne and Cheltenham, we thought? And so the H.R. Owen Speed Week was born.
Of course, we weren’t proposing timed runs through the village or around the one-way system.   Instead, we invited our customers and Bentley fans to visit the showrooms to view three of the fastest Bentleys ever made!
The 2003 Le Mans-winning Speed 8 and the recently-announced GT3 prototype are made for the racetrack and exemplify Bentley’s long tradition of creating some of the fastest and most successful racing cars in the world, whilst the third, the 616hp Bentley Continental GT Speed is the fastest production Bentley ever made whilst remaining refined and luxurious, just as a true grand tourer should be.  Speed Week guests were invited to test drive the new GT Speed under the guidance of one of the Bentley Motors professional driving team throughout the week.