Bugatti London Opens State-of-the-art Aftersales Facility

The ethos of Bugatti isn’t just to create incomparable cars, but to also curate an ownership experience that is unmatched. ‘Power is in the small details’ is a guiding Bugatti principle; a belief that every detail, no matter how minute, can make a lasting impact on customer experience. To ensure a peerless and serene ownership journey, passionate Bugatti technicians dedicated to their craft focus on delivering absolute customer satisfaction, providing a service driven by excellence, precision and warmth. In that respect, Bugatti’s network is constantly innovating and improving, with the latest developments courtesy of Bugatti London, here at H.R. Owen.

With an all-new aftersales facility to complement the existing Bugatti showroom nestled among the high-end ateliers of Mayfair. As the only Bugatti Service Partner of Excellence in the United Kingdom, this new 554 sqm facility, located just North of London, is dedicated to the unconditional care and attention of Bugatti hyper sports cars, offering total piece of mind to customers throughout the country.

With seven advanced bays featuring state-of-the-art technologies, the very latest diagnostic equipment and a team of experienced experts, the London state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to undertake servicing and repairs on the illustrious Bugatti models that are part of the Chiron and Veyron 16.4 families, as well as the EB110 and EB110SS. To maintain leading-edge performance, reliability and manufacturer warranty, the Bugatti-trained technicians use bespoke high-tech tools and equipment dedicated to Bugatti hyper sports cars, such as the four hydraulic ramps. To minimize any customer inconvenience, Bugatti London offers a tailored chauffeur-driven collection service in addition to a variety of prestige car loans. As the number of Bugatti hyper sports cars in the UK – and among Bugatti London’s international customers – continues to grow, the London site will continue to be the beating heart of Bugatti’s operations in the UK.

The Bugatti London Service team is made up of highly-skilled people that trained directly at Bugatti’s HQ in Molsheim. Many of them have over a decade of experience working with Bugatti cars. Their intricate knowledge – helped by intensive model-specific training from the team that originally built the cars at the home of Bugatti Molsheim ­– ensures that each example is maintained in perfect condition.

The facility that Bugatti London has created is one of the most advanced aftersales sites, perfectly in line with our commitment to deliver the very best service experience for our customers. Our constant development of the partner and aftersales network ensures that each and every step of owning a Bugatti is incomparable – just as our founder, Ettore, had always wanted it to be – but also impeccable.” said Alexis Ploix, Bugatti’s recently appointed Director of Aftersales and Customer Service.

Underpinning Bugatti’s unrivalled commitment to customer service is the brand’s ‘Power is in the small details’ approach. Individually and as a collective global network, including within our expanded operations in London, we follow a mantra that recognizes the smallest detail within a Bugatti hyper sports car can have the biggest impact; there is nobody in the world that knows every single detail of a Bugatti hyper sports better than our teams. This is a core focus point that we will never lose sight of.

As one of only six global Service Partner’s of Excellence, Bugatti London has proven expertise in undertaking standard types of service and maintenance operations, in addition to more complex aspects of maintenance work and specialized repairs.

Bugatti customers being a number one priority, Bugatti London offers several ultimate services to offer customers peacefulness and tranquillity, including the ‘Passeport Tranquillité’ program, which provides up to a further four years of service and warranty. In addition to that, the ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ program, offers individuals who choose to purchase a current Veyron or Chiron through an authorized Bugatti Partner full assurance and safe knowledge that the vehicle they are buying meets the uncompromisingly high-standards that Bugatti demands for each and every masterpiece that leaves the Atelier. The Bugatti ‘ Certified Pre-Owned’ provides customers with one service and 12 months limited vehicle warranty.

Being in close and constant contact with the Bugatti Aftersales team in Molsheim, Bugatti London also gives customers the opportunity to further personalize or even to refurbish their Veyron and Chiron models directly at the site where the car has been originally assembled, with a greater range of customization options and features. Interiors are retrimmed in entirely new colours and materials, new accessories added, and updated finishes and colours applied to the exterior body. In this essence, the personalization of a Bugatti masterpiece is almost infinite.

To support the growing development of the global Partner Network and the expansion of tailormade offers for Bugatti owners, the brand’s revered aftersales department has recently been strengthened with the appointment of Alexis Ploix as the new Director of Aftersales.

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