Charting the Design Evolution of the Lamborghini V12 with Mitja Borkert

Recently, the Lamborghini Hatfield showroom transformed into a hub of luxury dining and world-class automotive design insight for a special evening with Lamborghini Head of Design; Mitja Borkert. Over 120 distinguished guests of the H.R. Owen Lamborghini businesses – including customers from the London, Hatfield, Manchester, and Pangbourne dealerships – gathered in the new state-of-the-art showroom located on a 2.06-hectare development in Mosquito Way, Hatfield, to enjoy an event curated specifically by H.R. Owen.

The evening commenced with a luxurious three-course dinner, hosted on the expansive showroom floor, among the very latest Lamborghini creations. This setting, within the expansive 500 sq/m showroom; featuring an upstairs mezzanine lounge and a dedicated Ad Personam studio, provided a perfect backdrop for what was to come.

The highlight of the evening was a presentation by Mitja Borkert himself. Borkert, who is responsible for the design of the reborn Countach, the Aventador S and the Sian, delved into his personal journey and experiences with the brand from past to current day. He provided an enlightening perspective on the design evolution of Lamborghini’s iconic V12 line-up, tracing the lineage from its historical roots – including in icons like the Miura – to the present, including his latest creation, the Revuelto. His narrative was not just about car design but also about passion, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence that Lamborghini embodies.

A focal point of the evening was a presentation of the Revuelto, the cutting-edge hybrid evolution of Lamborghini V12 design. Not just an example of breathtaking aesthetics, but a display of automotive excellence and a symbol of the brand’s future direction – both technologically and visually – as narrated by Borkert.

The event, marked by live sketching and interactive sessions, provided an exclusive insight into the world of Lamborghini that only H.R. Owen can provide. The Group consistently seeks to transcend traditional car sales, creating an enviable benchmark for customer service and experiences beyond.