H.R. Owen Holds a Lamborghini Drive for the Ages

On September 27th, H.R. Owen Lamborghini Pangbourne will host a convoy drive for the ages featuring four countries, an armada of Lamborghinis, the English Channel, Lake Geneva, the French Alps, and a celebration-worthy conclusion at Sant’Agata, home of the only legendary Italian carmaker with bull on its back.
Lamborghini Drive
An early morning drivers meeting at the Eurotunnel terminal at Folkestone, will precede the group’s departure from Southern England toward Calais.
Once firmly on French soil, the Lamborghini Drive party will make its way along the motorway to Laon, passing north of Reims and cross-country through Champagne and Burgundy until reaching the fabulously luxurious Abbaye de la Brussiere Hotel in Dijon.
Following a night of pampered sleep and a sumptuous breakfast, the crew will head east continuing through Burgundy – hitting some fantastic roads in Jura along the way – before hanging a hard right to south en route to Geneva’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
On the 29th, things really start to get interesting…
Upon finishing yet another mouth-watering morning meal, the H.R. Owen team will continue south through the breathtakingly beautiful French Alps, past la Clusaz, and over three major mountain passes:

  • Col de la Colombiere
  • Col de L’Iseran
  • Col du Mont Cenis

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When the group skirts across the Italian border, it will swing past Turin – site of the 2006 Winter Olympics – before driving by Alba, the beating heart of Barolo country in the Piedmont region, finally stopping at hotel Villa d’Amelia.
Departing from Piedmont on the morning of the 30th, the group will cross an electrifying stretch of road that goes past Genoa and Maranello (where everyone can wave to Ferrari) before concluding at the crown jewel of this week-long Drive Day—Sant Agata, home of Lamborghini.
At Sant’Agata, drivers will enjoy a private and exclusive tour of the Lamborghini factory – including production line and museum access – before being asked to load their vehicles onto specially contracted trucks for transport back to the U.K.
With the cars loaded, chartered busses will handle the bulk of the remaining driving duties, transporting all participants to the elegant Portici Hotel in Bologna where a comfortable cocktail reception will be followed by a world-class dinner.
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For the final full day in Italy, H.R. Owen guests will checkout from the Portici and travel to the Imola Race Circuit for the Lamborghini Esperienza. The Esperienza will be littered with activities – including morning and afternoon driving sessions – and features a plush, track-side lunch. Chartered private coaches will transport everyone to the Palazzo Varignana Hotel for a final night underneath the starry Italian sky.
Finally, on the morning of the 2nd, the Drive Day party will head to the Bologna Airport and board British Airways flight BA0541 to fly back to London’s Heathrow Airport. The plane is scheduled to land at approximately 14:00.
For information on future drives, contact your nearest Lamborghini dealer.