Lamborghini Drive Day to Classics at the Castle

H.R. Owen customers were privy to a special treat last week—a Lamborghini Pangbourne drive day to Classics at the Castle.

Already in its 12th year, the event takes place at breathtakingly beautiful Sherbourne Castle, a 16th century architectural marvel built in the Tudor style by Sir Walter Raleigh. The ‘not-for-profit’ show raised funds for Cancer Research UK and other local charities.

Everyone met early in the morning at Pangbourne for a sumptuous English breakfast fuelled with plenty of tea and coffee, before heading off in a fearsomely fast convoy to Dorset where the Classics at the Castle was being held.
Classics at the Castle
It featured more than 1,200 unique vehicles displayed all across the generous grounds of the Castle which include 30 acres of gardens and a 50 acre lake.

Automotive attractions included Italian supercars, English classics and other marquee motors.
Classics at the Castle
To learn more about other Drive Day opportunities, contact H.R. Owen.

Classics at the Castle
Classics at the Castle


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