Maserati Project24: From Road to Racetrack

Since its birth, Maserati has strived to push the boundaries of performance and technology to new extremes. The latest product of this persistent quest to deliver exceptional standards of engineering is the Maserati Project24: a series of just 62 extreme track-only machines evolved from the MC20 road car.

Performance compared with Maserati’s new roadgoing sports car is advanced across the board, starting with the MC20’s state-of-the-art 3.0-litre V6 Nettuno. New twin-turbochargers help elevate power from 621hp to 740hp, and that increased output now has less mass to move, with a target weight for Project24 of just 1,250kg. Maserati’s famous dedication to balancing power with lightweight design has resulted in a machine with an astonishing power-to-weight ratio of approximately 1.69 kg/hp.

It is immediately obvious to the naked eye that this is a unique expression of the MC20. While it retains the MC20’s timeless beautiful design, the central fin that runs from the back of the roof to the large rear wing helps create huge amounts of downforce for increased grip and stability and betrays its racetrack credentials. All-new carbon fibre bodywork is key to weight reduction, as are the polycarbonate windows, typical to thoroughbred racing machines such as this. The front and rear wings are electronically adjustable, offering owners heightened levels of customisation when it comes to their preferred race setup.

The changes are much more than skin deep: in the pursuit of creating the ultimate track car Maserati has included ventilated carbon-ceramic brakes with an all-new cooling system, designed to withstand huge amounts of braking force from ferocious speeds, as well as adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars for incredible levels of stability and control. The MC20’s eight-speed transmission has been replaced by a six-speed racing gearbox with paddle shifters and is paired with a racing clutch and mechanical limited-slip differential.

With just 62 examples being made, this masterclass in lightweight engineering, exceptional power and beautiful design is an instant collector’s item.

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