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Rimac C_Two: Not Just Yours, But Built by You

We’re all familiar with specifying a new car in your favourite colour, or even adding bespoke touches totally unique to you, but now Rimac Automobili is taking things one step further. With its new Development Experience Program, you can get involved from the early prototype stage to create a car that doesn’t just look the way you want, but also drives exactly how you want it to.

As the Rimac Automobili team work to revolutionise the performance car world with the new 1,914hp, 258mph all-electric C_Two – available through H.R. Owen – the team is also delivering an all-new way of ordering your car. Only 150 units will be available, at 2m EUR each, but for 10 lucky customers, they will have a C_Two fine-tuned just for them.

Unlike many other manufacturers that will use headlights, fans, pumps or infotainment systems developed by external suppliers, nearly all of the Rimac C_Two is designed and built by Rimac Automobili. So, this Development Experience Program isn’t just an opportunity for you to switch your wing mirrors to a bare carbon weave, it’s your chance to brainstorm ideas with the development team, to make your wildest dreams a reality and to create a car that feels like an extension of you.

The 10 test pilots will make three visits to Croatia; one to experience an early ‘mule’ prototype C_Two. A second in a more production-ready prototype and a third in the final stage before production, a pre-series prototype. At each stage, the pilots’ ideas, feedback and fine-tuning will all have been taken into account, allowing them to have a tangible effect on this revolutionary hypercar, while at the same time creating a car that will always be inextricably linked to them.

The sessions take place on Rimac’s test track at Grobnik over the course of three to four months, with each session 3-4 days each. Test pilots will be shown the finest Croatian hospitality, staying in some of the area’s best hotels, meeting all the key personalities at Rimac Automobili and undoubtedly leaving with a new-found appreciation of C_Two’s capabilities and its place in the annals of automotive performance history.

This story will be told by a handful of chosen ones. Just a handful of curious extremists, passionate detailists, velocity enthusiasts and technology aficionados who will one day get the chance to stand next to their C_Two, put a hand on its hood and whisper: I built this.  

If this appeals to you, please contact the team at H.R. Owen, who would be happy to discuss the program with you in more detail.