The New Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition

Returning to Formula One after an absence of 60 years is a moment worth celebrating, and Aston Martin certainly knows how to mark the occasion. Following the unveiling just weeks ago of the new Aston Martin Vantage Official Safety Car of F1, buyers now have the chance to get their very own Vantage F1 Edition, fitted with a range of engine, chassis and aero enhancements developed from the Safety Car.

Setting the pace for the most advanced racing machinery in the world requires something special, and Aston Martin engineers were challenged to further build upon the Vantage’s dynamic package to reduce lap times without comprising on-road ability.

The Vantage F1 Edition is essentially a carbon copy of the Official Safety Car, meaning it’s now 25PS more powerful than the standard Vantage. Peak torque remains unchanged at 685Nm, but that peak is sustained for longer to further increase tractability and in-gear urgency.  This relentless, muscular performance has been further enhanced by work to the 8-speed automatic transmission, with an optimised torque cut during upshifts that reduces shift times and increases the feeling of directness and precision.

Changes to the chassis increased structural stiffness, while reworked springs and dampers helped reduce movement over bumps and sharpen up turn-in. The steering itself was further optimised to allow more of the feel for the road surface to be transmitted to the driver.

With the chassis hardware optimised, attention turned to the wheels and tyres, increasing from 20” on the regular Vantage to 21” as standard for the Vantage F1 Edition.  Developed specifically for the F1 Edition with Pirelli, it is the first time Vantage has been fitted with 21” tyres.

The new aero package – including front splitter, front dive planes, turning vanes and a new rear wing – delivers more than 200kg more downforce at top speed, as well as providing a clear differentiation to the standard Vantage. An Aston Martin Racing Green paint finish is also available, mimicking that of the Aston Martin F1 car and the Official Safety Car. Alternatively, Jet Black and Lunar White are also available – all paint colours are complemented by a Solid Matte Dark Grey racing graphic.

The new Vantage F1 Edition is on sale now with a recommended retail price from £142,000 in the UK. You can contact us here if you’d be interested in learning more.