Aston Martin Astonishes at Festival of Speed

Not to be outdone by Ferrari OR Lamborghini, Aston Martin plans on making its own major splash at the 22nd Goodwood Festival of Speed this week with an absolutely astounding line-up of vehicles.
In fact, this year will be Aston Martin’s largest presence at the world-renowned motor and motorsport festival.

Fabulous Firsts

Fans of the luxury British car maker will be treated to a wide-variety of Aston Martin “firsts” including the UK debut of the Vantage GT12 and the strictly-limited Lagonda Taraf super saloon.

Aston Martin Vantage GT12

Aston Martin Vantage GT12

For those unfamiliar, the elegant Lagonda Taraf has only been viewed as a static display. Goodwood will mark the global public debut of the V12 super saloon in-motion, giving all in attendance a chance to soak up the sights, smells and sounds of the car before anyone else in the world.
There will also be various samples of the V12 Vantage S Roadster and a Rapide S—a four-door, four-seat sports car.
Perhaps the rarest sight to behold on the day will come in the form of action on the hill when the CC100–Aston Martin’s centenary celebration concept car from 2013–takes the track.
Aston Martin CC100


The 2015 Le Mans 24-hour Vantage GTE #97 Art Car will represent Aston Martin racing. The Le Mans modified speedster will make regular trips over the famed Goodwood Hill to wow all in attendance.

Aston Martin Driving Duties

The driving for Aston Martin’s fleet of Goodwood vehicles will be none other than company CEO Dr. Andy Palmer and Chief Engineer Matt Becker—the man responsible for defining the next generation of the Aston Martin brand.
When asked about the company’s impressive planned presence at Goodwood, Dr. Palmer said,
“I’m very much looking forward to seeing the reaction to our 2015 Festival of Speed presence from the knowledgeable and enthusiastic Goodwood crowds. I believe we’ve put together a hugely compelling line-up including some surprises that should keep fans of our brand…entertained and engaged throughout the event. Driving the Vantage GT12 up the famous hill climb at Goodwood will be a personal highlight for me.”

Vantage GT12

Launched in March to raucous applause during the Geneva Motorshow, all 100 example Vantage GT12’s sold prior to the car’s first-ever reveal.
Drawing inspiration directly from Aston Martin Racing’s V12 Vantage GT3, the civilian version of the Vantage GT12 houses a new iteration of the brand’s 6.0-litre engine making it not only more powerful but lighter than a standard V12 Vantage S.
Having gone through a massive re-tooling at Aston Martin’s HQ in Warwickshire, visitors to Goodwood will notice that the GT12 is markedly lower and wider than any other member of the Vantage family. This version of the Vantage will undoubtedly offer drivers adrenaline-fuelled fun whether they’re on the road or on the track.

Lagonda Taraf

The latest long line of ‘the finest of fast cars’, the Lagonda Taraf is squarely modelled on Aston Martin’s infinitely flexible VH architecture and draws inspiration from the famed William Towns-designed Lagonda of 1976.

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

Lagonda Taraf

Hand-built by the skilled craftsmen and women of Aston Martin’s, the car is layered with carbon fibre panelling to keep weight to an absolute minimum.
Sadly, interested parties will be hard-pressed to actually obtain the Lagonda Taraf—it is being offered for sale by invitation only, guaranteeing it will remain a rare and distinguished sight anywhere it ever appears on the road.

To Learn More

Held every summer since 1993, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is the world’s largest automotive outdoor party. Set against the spectacular backdrop of Goodwood House in West Sussex, the Festival of Speed is something any fan of motor or motorsport should not miss.
To learn more about the Festival or Aston Martin UK, please don’t hesitate to contact H.R. Owen.