Bentley Surrey Convertible Weekend

From July 10th to the 12th, Bentley Surrey hosted its annual ‘Convertible Weekend’—a two-day affair dedicated to showing off the very best in luxury drop-top technology.
The event featured dozens of vehicles across a range of brands including Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and – of course – Bentley, as well as a number of H.R. Owen branded cars supporting the open weekend.
Bentley Surrey Convertible Weekend
Open to the public, the Bentley Surrey Convertible Weekend welcomed all comers from current customers and potential prospects to former clientele and general automotive enthusiasts.
Although there were no test drives taken on the day due to the come-look-buy nature of the event, both the hosts and attendees described the Bentley Surrey Convertible Weekend as a screaming success—particularly considering six cars were sold!
Of the two days, Saturday was, unsurprisingly, the busiest. Spectacular weather allowed for all-day barbecuing—fajitas and hamburgers were served—and a supremely pleasant outdoor experience. While rainclouds and the Wimbledon Final tried to spoil Sunday’s festivities (particularly the barbecue), there was still a quality turnout.
Topping it all off, the Bentley Surrey Service Department provided free health checks to all customers who attended either the Saturday or Sunday event.
A big thank you to the men and women of Bentley Surrey for putting on yet another marquee summertime event!