Four Marks Supercar Club at Lamborghini Pangbourne

The inescapable truth about Lamborghinis is that they’re designed to be driven. At Lamborghini Pangbourne we actively encourage customers to get out and drive, making the most of decades of high performance expertise from some of the brightest minds in the automotive world. To do anything less is not in the spirit of Sant’Agata.

So, when our friends at Four Marks Supercar Club wanted to finish their cross-county driving tour at Lamborghini Pangbourne, we welcomed them with open arms – Raging Bulls or otherwise. We emptied our forecourt, to make may for more than 20 Four Marks members, from the all-electric Porsche Taycan to the track-focused Aventador SVJ and Huracán Performante.

Awaiting the Four Marks members inside was a full Italian-style brunch with tea and coffee, as well as a remarkable selection of brand new and pre-owned Lamborghinis. Among them was the Performante’s successor, Huracán STO – the most track-focused roadgoing V8 Lamborghini ever. Compared to the Performante, the STO is 43kg lighter, featuring innovations like magnesium wheels and even a windscreen that weighs 20% less. Using expertise gleaned from Lamborghini’s motorsport programmes, the STO is a triumph of form follows function.

While they were with us at Lamborghini Pangbourne, Four Marks members had the chance to subject their Lamborghini to a free vehicle health check from our team of experienced technicians. With a thorough visual check of the tyres, brakes, lights, wipers, steering, suspension, exhaust and battery, it was a chance for members to understand more about the miraculous engineering in their car, and how to keep it working at its best.

Lamborghini Pangbourne, operated by the H.R. Owen Group, has been in operation since 2013 and was recently subjected to a total renovation, creating a cutting-edge sales and aftersales space for customers in Berkshire. It’s one of four Lamborghini showrooms operated by the H.R. Owen Group, also including Manchester, London and Hatfield.