MC20 in Red First Delivery

H.R Owen Delivers First Maserati MC20 Models

The MC20 is one of the most important new launches in Maserati’s history and now, two years after it was first revealed, we’re excited to be delivering the very first examples in the UK to our customers. 

The super sports car was first announced back in November 2019 and officially christened MC20 in February 2020. Developed at the Maserati Innovation Lab in just two years using technology from top-tier motorsport, it marks the start of a new phase in Maserati’s history. 

At the heart of MC20 is a new Nettuno powertrain; the first power unit developed completely by the Maserati in over 20 years. The 3.0-litre engine houses twin-turbo six cylinders, with a 90-degree V angle, and a Formula 1-grade pre-chamber combustion which creates a more efficient burn. This result is 621bhp with top speeds of 202mph and 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds. Later powertrain options will be added to the MC20 line-up in the coming years.

Maserati MC20 in Red Rear Quarter

Already, the early reviews from experts have highlighted MC20 as a watershed moment in Maserati’s history: 

Top Gear hailed it, ‘a highly engaging and authentic supercar’ which is ‘genuinely impressive’ and ‘something to savour’. ‘This is a beautifully balanced car, whose power-to-weight ratio, low centre of gravity and punchy powertrain are impressively harmonised. 

Autocar called it ‘a triumphant return to the supercar ranks: it’s fast, thrilling and engaging yet also wonderfully approachable and easy to drive’. 

Auto Express commented, ‘Maserati’s first supercar in a generation is a hit, and a triumph for the brand – a car capable of going toe to toe with the very best in its class for handling’. 

H.R Owen Maserati has started delivering the MC20s to customers since the last months of 2021, and will be delivering many more to eager customers throughout 2022 and beyond. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Maserati MC20, please click here or if you would like to speak to a member of the H.R. Owen Maserati team click here.