Introducing new Vantage: Engineered for real drivers

A car engineered for real drivers is a bold claim. Fortunately, the new 665PS, 4.0 V8 Twin Turbo, 202mph Aston Martin Vantage sports car unveiled on 12 February fully lives up to its mission statement by whatever criteria it is judged.

The new Vantage is the latest in an iconic bloodline and the most driver-focused and fastest Vantage in the legendary nameplate’s rich 74-year history. The model represents an authentic, unadulterated celebration of pure performance, engineered to deliver maximum thrills with maximum confidence.

From the first glimpse, the game-changing characteristics of the new generation Vantage are abundantly apparent. A body standing 30mm more expansive with a more muscular stance is accentuated by a completely redesigned front end featuring a 38% larger recontoured veined grille aperture, offering a 29% increase in mass airflow for additional cooling.

Numerous details complement the vision of extreme driving focus. These include an all-new Matrix LED headlamp design with integrated DRLs featuring Aston Martin’s new light signature. The iconic Aston Martin side strake makes a welcome return, and now forms the sharp focal point of revised vents in each flank. Stunning, standard-fit 21-inch forged alloy wheels fill the car’s wider wheel arches to perfection.

Powered by an extensively re-engineered, hand-built 4.0 Twin-Turbo V8 engine producing 665PS and a colossal 800Nm of torque, the new Vantage is the fastest in the nameplate’s history. Seamlessly mated to an ultra-rapid changing 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, the Vantage’s prodigious performance is sufficient to propel the two-seater sports car to a top speed of 202mph and punch it from a standstill to 60mph in a mere 3.4 seconds.

The new Vantage’s highly evolved bonded aluminium structure, perfect 50:50 weight distribution and state-of-the-art suspension provide the foundation for a definitive driving experience. As befits its role as the most sporting model in the range, Aston Martin engineers have maximised the benefits of the Vantage’s outstanding chassis architecture with the very latest electronic systems to maximise performance and create an unmistakable dynamic character, with enhanced agility, increased driving involvement, and even sharper steering response.

We look forward to inviting you for a test drive in due course so that you can judge the most driver-focused Aston Martin Vantage for yourself.