Jack Barclay Apprenticeship Scheme

Jack Barclay Bentley: Start Your Future with Our History

Are you leaving school this year? Are you interested in cars? Do you want to work at the highest possible level in the motor industry? If you answered yes to all three questions, then our Jack Barclay Apprenticeship scheme could be for you…… Jack Barclay Bentley - Burr RoadJack Barclay Bentley is the world’s oldest Bentley showroom and also operates the UK’s largest and busiest Bentley workshop. Based in SW18, South West London, there is a real sense of history running through both the brand and the business.

The work we undertake at Jack Barclay Bentley is considered to be among the best in the world, and our customers send their cars to us from all corners of the globe. This is your opportunity to learn the trade from the best in the business.Burr Road39% of our current technical team are former apprentices, having amassed 363 years of loyal service between them – not many dealerships in the industry can boast such an impressive level of loyalty. With two of our former apprentices having now moved into managerial positions we’re again looking to the future and the individuals that will become the next generation of Jack Barclay Bentley.

Jack Barclay Bentley - Burr RoadThe current Jack Barclay Bentley Technical Service Manager, and former apprentice, Jake Owen said: “Since starting as an apprentice at the Jack Barclay Service Centre in October 2007, I’ve learned a huge amount. Working at Jack Barclay has provided me with so many opportunities, allowing me to grow as both a person and a professional. I would recommend anyone to apply for this apprenticeship.

 Since starting here at the age of 17 after leaving school, H.R. Owen and Jack Barclay Bentley have provided me with countless opportunities. I’ve developed from learning the ropes to overseeing much of the work that goes on here each and every day. It’s a privilege to work on some of the world’s best cars, and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity I was given at such a young age.”Jack Barclay Apprenticeship SchemeIf the time is right, and you feel like you want to become one of the world’s finest Bentley technicians, get in touch with us today. We’re not looking for just another application or CV; tell us why we should be investing in you. Dare to be different!