Lamborghini Pangbourne Delivers Shmee150 a New Huracán STO

Right the way back in 2014, just as the very first Huracáns were appearing on UK roads, Tim Burton – better known as automotive YouTuber Shmee150 – had his first taste of the latest V10 mid-engined Lamborghini with us here at Lamborghini Pangbourne. He left so impressed that he vowed whenever he bought his first Lamborghini, he’d be back to see us…

Now, in a beautiful piece of symmetry, Tim has made good on his promise and returned to Lamborghini Pangbourne to take delivery of the pinnacle of the Huracán range: the race-inspired STO. Tim’s documented the whole process to his 2.3million subscribers over on his YouTube channel, showcasing the carefully-curated spec of his first Sant’Agata legend: vibrant Viola Bast paint, black 20″ Hek centrelock wheels and yellow calipers, finished with the full satin visual carbon fibre.

The special colour by Lamborghini’s Ad Personum department is the perfect accompaniment to the STO’s styling, marked out by a new manually-adjustable rear wing.  The aero upgrades both improve airflow efficiency and downforce, boosting them by 37% and 53% respectively.

That’s because the STO isn’t about raw power, but rather about honed aerodynamics, sharpened handling and a meticulous dedication to removing weight. So, while it uses the same V10 engine as the rest of the Huracán range, and with the same 640hp as all-wheel-drive Huracán EVO models, it is much lighter. In fact, compared with the Huracán Performante – previously the most focused version – the STO is 43kg lighter.

The weight savings have been achieved through a switch to rear-wheel-drive – rather than four-wheel-drive – magnesium wheels and even a windscreen that is 20% lighter than the Performante’s. In the cabin, you’ll find lightweight door latches, carbon fibre-backed seats, carbon fibre door panels and even carbon-fibre weave mats in the place of carpet – all in the name of saving weight.

You can follow Shmee150’s Exploits and automotive adventures on his YouTube channel

You can also stay updated on his full collection of cars with his dedicated channel the Shmuseum at

Rolling it back to the summer of 2014 here is what Shmee150 thought of the Lamborghini Huracan on his first drive.

You can learn more about the Lamborghini Huracan STO here or contact one of our Lamborghini dealers to arrange your appointment with this exceptional car.